iPhone OS 3.0 Copy and Paste

Daring Fireball | 4 minutes ago

I have no idea whether this description of how it’s going to work is accurate, but from what I’m hearing Copy-and-Paste is a big part of tomorrow’s announcement.  ★ 

Aesthetic Apparatus / Design Auction - Screenprint

Dutch Uncle Agency News | 4 minutes ago

We've just received Aesthetic Apparatus' screenprint which will go into our DU LOT in the Design Auction next Thursday 19th March.Posted by Dutch Uncle Agency.

Petra Borner / Swedish Radio Train

Dutch Uncle Agency News | 4 minutes ago

Just got these pictures from Sweden and a Tube train Petra illustrated the exterior of, which is now running in Stockholm. It's advertising the Swedish radio and you can listen to great documentaries on the way to work!Posted by Dutch Uncle Agency.

Chrome Bags

JoshSpear.com | 6 minutes ago

You don’t have to be a messenger to be in search of a serious bag. The latest gear from Chrome has arrived. The no nonsense pack producers have introduced their spring ‘09 line: The MiniMetro, Citizen, and Metropolis. All models are available in a limited variety of colors and are the ideal accessories for those consistently on the move. In addition to choice cases they also offer an array of hoodies and jackets in their online store.

Andreas Nicolas Fischer: Data Visualization Art

Cool Hunting | 31 minutes ago

Combining science with art to talk about some of the pertinent issues of our times, Andreas Nicholas Fischer's data sculptures are beautiful executions of scientific information. The Munich-born, Berlin-based artist, like Chris Jordan, is leading the way in a certain type of art that opens the dialogue about issues we face today, from the economy to privacy violations. Proving himself as both a skilled craftsman and experienced analyst, the young artist makes statistical mappings, like "Fundament," which shows the allocation of [...]

Stars And Swirls - Free Photoshop Brushes

The Photoshop Blog | 33 minutes ago

Susan Libertiny from BrushPortfolio.com has released a new set of free Photoshop brushes titled Star Swirls.  These brushes have that 1970's Retro-hippy feel to them.  There are a total of 20 brushes in the set measuring 1969 to 2500 pixels.  They were made in Adobe Illustrator and exported to Photoshop. Happy creating... (posted by Jennifer Apple for www.PhotoshopSupport.com)

Notional Slurry » Hey, I checked our records. You didn’t say you wanted a revolution after all. S

A Whole Lotta Nothing | 33 minutes ago

Awesome story of geeks and old school local business people colliding. I have to say my interactions with local businesspeople is much like the ones described here.

United Nations Climate Change Conference to be Hosted in Copenhagen in 2009

emptyfield | 33 minutes ago

check out the site: United Nations Climate Change Conference is happening in Copenhagen in 2009, on December 7-18The website is full of interesting articles. Check out some of the things Denmark is doing for climate change.I have no idea why the conference is called COP15 though!

22 Extremely Detailed and Beautiful Icon Sets

Design Reverb - Design Blog | 34 minutes ago

22 Extremely Detailed and Beautiful Icon Sets Great list of icons from Web Design Ledger. Also check out their 21 Best Icon Sets for Designing Web Apps. 22 Extremely Detailed and Beautiful Icon Sets - Design Reverb

Prettify - Nice icons and wallpapers

Design Reverb - Design Blog | 34 minutes ago

Prettify -Nice icons and wallpapers “Nice icons and wallpapers for the discerning individual, collected and curated.” Prettify - Nice icons and wallpapers - Design Reverb

64-bit Adobe app performance white paper

John Nack on Adobe | 36 minutes ago

The roadmap for Adobe apps becoming 64-bit-native is a bit complicated, with some (Lightroom on Mac & Windows, Photoshop on Windows) being there now, some (Premiere Pro, After Effects) largely there now, and some yet to come. To provide an overview & to outline some performance benefits, the company has created a white paper (PDF) on the subject. [Via Anita Engelman]

Mike Perry aka Midwestisbest

NETDIVER Feed your eyes | 36 minutes ago

Mike Perry Studio aka Midwestisbest is one those incredibly prolific jack of many trades who don’t skip a beat while juggling many hats. Totally mastering and crafting awesome hand-drawn typography and illustrations, he is proof that talent has power enough to open the loftiest doors. He’s work with high and low fashion, published a well received book, eloquently titled Hand Job: A Catalog of Type, pillows and catalogs for Urban Outfitters, and much much more. Enjoy the rest of day, [...]

Comcast Goes Indie, Artistic and Isometric

Three Minds @ Organic | 1 hour ago

  Got that new "C-O-M-C-A-S-T" song stuck in your head?  The catchy indie-folk tune is the only audio in a new Comcast TV spot about all the cool stuff you can do via their Triple-Play service package.  In the TV spot, people sing the song as they move around diagonally on a beautifully rendered isometric grid.Online, the recently launched "ComcastTown" site keeps the song as a... Read more

Bored? Try Doodling To Keep The Brain On Task

xBlog: The visual thinking weblog | 1 hour ago

“To understand where the compulsion to doodle comes from, the first thing you need to do is look more closely at what happens to the brain when it becomes bored. According to Jackie Andrade, a professor of psychology at the University of Plymouth, though many people assume that the brain is inactive when they’re bored, the reverse is actually true.”

Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable

xBlog: The visual thinking weblog | 1 hour ago

“Print media does much of society’s heavy journalistic lifting, from flooding the zone — covering every angle of a huge story — to the daily grind of attending the City Council meeting, just in case. This coverage creates benefits even for people who aren’t newspaper readers, because the work of print journalists is used by everyone from politicians to district attorneys to talk radio hosts to bloggers. The newspaper people often note that newspapers benefit society as a whole. This is [...]

Screenprinting Poster & Postcard competition winners

Valencia Graphics | 1 hour ago

I wanted to share the awesome work of the designs that were selected by Lure Design Inc. to be used in the screenprinting workshop later this month. If your work was selected more information will be posted below the posters & postcards in regards to file requirements that I need ASAP. POSTERS POSTCARDS IF YOUR WORK WAS SELECTED THIS IS WHAT I NEED ASAP: No typefaces less than 8pt. If it’s a serif font or script font with fine details it [...]


Unmatched Style | 2 hours ago

Really original looking design, the type is fresh looking and it’s very thorough in the detail work. I like the treatment to the main images, letting me know what’s going to happen when I move my mouse over them is nice.

Bring Down IE 6

Stopdesign | 2 hours ago

"…it's finally time to take IE6 behind the shed and shoot it." -archive link-

Rugged tablet PC with lots-o'-accessories

core77.com's design blog | 2 hours ago

Motion Computing's new rugged J3400 Tablet PC is cool enough on its own, but even cooler when you see all the neato accessories you can get for it. The Work Anywhere Kit aims to make fieldwork easier; the magnetically-attachable Mobile Keyboard turns the tablet into a laptop with a touchpad; and the FlexDock lets you juice up while using the tablet like a desktop machine. Check 'em all out here. (more...)

Daily Design Snacks

core77.com's design blog | 2 hours ago

A bite-sized list of what's happenin' now: pr dot com Product Sustainability Roundtable Will Help Northeastern US Companies Remain Competitive in Difficult Financial Times fast company The Stars of 'Objectified' Discuss the Future of Stuff earth times Innovative Student Program to Leverage the Power of Design to Ignite Social Change la times At Art Center College of Design, sustainability meets form and function marketwatch Industrial production down for fourth straight month newsweek Walking, talking female robot to hit Japan catwalk [...]


Design Milk | 2 hours ago

Joy de Vivre Inc. is a new company founded by two brothers who approach design based on consumer input. Their first released piece is called Cellule. Cellule is a modern alternative to traditional wood lattice for urban gardeners. It serves as a lovely colorful place for your ivy and other climbing plants to grow. I think this would make really cool fencing or a cover for ugly fencing. http://www.joydevivre.org

The reality of home working

Boagworld | 2 hours ago

An increasing number of people are trading in the cubicle for home working. It is seen by many as the ultimate perk. However, is home working really everything it is cracked up to be? I share what I have discovered after 7 years of home working. Like many people starting a new business, we begun Headscape working from home. It was a great way to keep costs low and ensure those long hours required when starting a business were more bearable. [...]

Inspired by Gustavo Aimar

decor8 | 2 hours ago

I came across the most talented artist today and I can’t stop clicking around on both of his blogs (here and here) and Flickr page because each and every image finds me ooooing and ahhhing out loud. His name is Gustavo Aimar and he’s simply brilliant. I’m so glad Ez first introduced us to his work today on her blog… I’m certain he’ll make all the blog rounds as he should — he’s so deserving of all the praise and attention! [...]

sou fujimoto: 'lexus l- finesse- crystallised wind' at milan design week 09 update

Designboom - Weblog | 2 hours ago

'lexus l- finesse- crystallised wind' art installation by sou fujimoto for lexus earlier this month we featured 'lexus l- finesse- crystallised wind' art exhibition that will be presented at milan design week 09. here are some more images that we have received. japanese architect sou fujimoto was invited by lexus to design their 2009 art exhibition for this year's milan design week. 'lexus l- finesse- crystallised wind' will re-interpret the ambivalence of the lexus design philosophy ‘L-finesse’ through a dynamic installation that combines [...]

Marc Burckhardt / John Hamm Portrait / Mad Men

Dutch Uncle Agency News | 2 hours ago

Marc Burckhardt's illustration of John Hamm for this months GQ France. If you haven't seen Mad Men yet it's a Must See and fast becoming the DU series of choice.Posted by Dutch Uncle Agency.