Design-Feed is a design feed aggregator. We hand-pick the most interesting design related RSS feeds and present them in an easy-to-browse format. This means you can get all the latest design news in one place, rather than trawling through hundreds of sites a day. Every post aggregated is also searchable by keyword.

The presentation of feeds is based on the river-of-news concept, whereby all feeds are blended, and posts are shown in a purely chronological order. This allows you to quickly scan many feeds and open the posts that interest you in new browser tabs.

Design-Feed only displays post summaries, meaning readers must click through to the source site in order to read the full post. This generates significant traffic for the source site. It also ensures that the post is viewed in the design context intended by the author.

Our featured feeds mostly come from design blogs run by individual designers, but also from collective blogs and design companies. Most feeds are related to web design, however we also feature feeds about information design, product design, usability, advertising, art and design culture.

We are also aiming to generate a sense of community through shared experience. With many people reading the same set of feeds, there is a sense that featured posts are part of a shared conversation.


How can I add my feed?

We are always on the look-out for high-quality, design related feeds. If you know of one, please click Submit a Feed and fill in the short form. We'll review it and if it matches our criteria, add it to the featured feed list.

How can I update my feed details?

If you have changed your feed URL or other details, please send an email to with all the required information.

How can I remove my feed?

To remove your feed from Design-Feed, please send an email to

Where is your RSS feed?

We do not currently support an RSS feed. We do offer an OPML file (see below).

Where is your OPML file?

An OPML file listing all the feeds currently aggregated by Design-Feed is available here. Use this file to add all the featured feeds to your personal RSS reader.

Where are all the non-English feeds?

We currently only support English feeds. We hope to add support for non-English feeds soon.

Why do my feed's images not show in Design-Feed?

The most common reason is that your blog's feed does not contain images. Open your feed URL in a browser to check if your feed contains images. If not you can usually enable images either as a setting in your blog or in your feedburner account.

What technology is Design-Feed built with?

Design-Feed is powered by a custom built Ruby on Rails application. This app handles the admin and feed crawling. The feed list is crawled for new posts every 15 minutes. Post snippets are formatted and written out to static HTML pages in order to reduce page load time.

Can I advertise on Design-Feed?

Design-Feed is not currently accepting advertising. However in future, we will offer an advertising service to select partners. Please contact for more details.


If you would like to display the fact that your feed is aggregated by Design-Feed, feel free to use one of these badges:


Please send feedback or comments to:

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